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If you want to learn to play piano, it isn’t as hard as what you think it would be like. Piano is one the most iconic music instrument, thanks to wide range of sound it is able to produce. The initial stages of learning would be the hardest, when you would have to convince and motivate yourself to finally get started on learning the music instrument that you always wanted to. However, you need to follow a proper plan if you want to master playing music on a piano. This guide takes you through all the steps that you need to acquaint yourself with to get started on your journey to become a musician.

Getting the Basic Equipment

It is recommended that you start learning on a real grand piano instead of a digital keyboard. However, if you are short on cash and don’t have the means to afford an actual piano, then a keyboard would be just fine. Nevertheless, you have to remember how many keys on a piano there are: 88-keys to be exact. So, getting a keyboard with this layout would be more beneficial than getting one withlearn to play piano 76-keys or even lesser ones for instance.

 Learn Basic Piano Chords


Before you start playing songs on your piano, you need to learn the piano keys layout. It is very easy to get started; just get familiarized with the C, D and G note keys on the piano. You can use any of the free piano tutorials sites on the Internet to learn the layout. Next, you will have to learn the piano chords: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. However, you have to understand that the notes on a piano are arranged in repeating patterns on C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. Learn what are half steps, whole steps, flats, sharps, octaves, and other basics. Understanding the layout is the first step in getting to know your piano and it is very essential for your training.

Hand Positioning and Finger Movement

Once you are familiar with your piano, it is time to learn how to position your hands while playing it. To get an understanding about how you need to hold your hands while playing the piano, imagine yourself holding a tennis ball; that’s the position your hand should be in. Also, your finger movement plays an important role in making sure that you are efficient in stroking the right keys swiftly. Awkward positioning of hands is the most cited reason many beginner pianists fail initially. Hence, it is important that you learn how to do it properly from the onset.

Piano Learning Software

Start with the middle C note and move from there to other notes. You can use piano learning software or tutorial videos to see how you need to place your hands. Try pushing the keys softer at first, then harder, and alternate between these two pressure strokes to hear how the sound varies. Controlling all your ten fingers to play the note that you desire to is the first step in learning to play piano. Next, you can start with playing scales to stretch your fingers on the board and know how you need to move hands across the length of the piano. Start with the C note and move all the way across to the A note on the next octave to finish the C scale. Similarly, there are piano learning softwareother scales that you can learn to get acquainted with making music.

Learn to Play in Harmony

Learning to play in harmony should be your next basic goal. Get hold of some piano songs for beginners and play their notes in harmony to unlock your piano’s full potential. Just playing the right notes isn’t important; you also need to play them with perfect timing, and this is how you achieve harmony. Learn about harmony intervals such as compound intervals, and unison harmony to know more about how to achieve the perfect harmony. However, these are advanced techniques and you just need to familiarize yourself with them, rather than master those from the get go. The mastery will come with time, patience, and practice.

Piano Learning Software 

When you have decided to learn to play piano, learning chords is extremely essential. There are infinite numbers of chords available, but you just need to learn some essential ones. Some of the most essential piano chords for beginners to learn are C major, D major, E major, and all the other major chords. You can use piano learning software, or an online piano class to learn about various chords and how they are played. Minor chords, major seventh chords, and dominant chords are some of the other topics that you need to cover later on.

Learn Sheet Music

learn to play piano   Just like English, Spanish, or any other language is the means of communication between human beings, sheet music is the universal language of music; it is how musicians can write down their music and share it with others or save the music for future uses. It may appear difficult at first, but with a good teacher or an excellent guidebook, you will learn the basics of sheet music in just a few weeks. You need to devote your time and effort to learn sheet music, just like you would to learn a new language, but the reward of reading any musical composition is great indeed.


Once you have started to learn to play piano, and familiarized yourself with all the basic topics, you need to practice a lot to master your piano playing skills. Start by mastering one of your hands independently, and then move on to using both of your hands. Similarly, start with the basic techniques, and only when you have mastered them to some extent should you move on to advanced techniques. Plan your daily schedule such that you could devote at least half an hour to play the piano every day. You might lose your interest as time goes by, but your will to succeed should always be stronger. Even if you find yourself not making much headway, keep practicing. After all, even the greatest of musicians started as beginners.

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